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We manufacture the following product ranges:

bakers-delight-logoProfessional Baking Series

The Africa Palm Products™ Professional Baking Series has been specifically developed for baking and confectionary professionals where consistent results, great taste and ease of use are paramount.

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EcoFry Palm OleinThe Ideal Blend of Quality & Value

EcoFry™, made from pure Palm Olein, is extremely stable deep-frying oil that lasts longer in your fryer when compared to most other vegetable oils.

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The Superior Sunflower Oil

With Anti-Oxidants & Anti-Foaming agents, healthy, natural SupaCrisp™ Sunflower Oil is produced from the finest quality sunflower seeds. It is light in taste and appearance and contains a healthy dose of essential fatty acids.

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The Superior Frying Oil

SupaCrisp™ is a double fractionated, extremely stable and cost effective deep-frying oil that lasts longer in your fryer, improving end-product yields by 30 - 50%.

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